Navigating the Future of Cannabis with Uncle Ike’s Olive Way

More than just a weed dispensary, Uncle Ike’s Olive Way is your passport to the exciting world of recreational cannabis. Based in Seattle, White Center, and Seahurst, we’re ushering in a new era where your favorite plant is honored, respected and legally available.

Nestled in the streets of Mercer Island, Medina, and Kirkland, WA, Uncle Ike’s offers experiences designed around positivity, education, and ethical sourcing. Our goal is to inspire and educate, creating a community around cannabis culture. We guarantee our products are derived from natural methods – because we believe that good things should come straight from the earth.

At our WA locations, step into a new understanding of cannabis, far beyond the stereotypes. Our shelves are lined with a variety of strains, boasting a plethora of flavors, sensations and experiences waiting to be explored.

Come, join us on this journey. Uncle Ike’s Olive Way is more than a brand. It’s a home. It’s a community. It’s the future of cannabis – and you’re invited to be part of it.

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