The Green Room Chronicles: Kittery and Eliot Edition

Venture with us into the herbaceous world of ‘East Coast Cannabis’, where happiness blooms and the air is scented with laughter. We are the local Cannabis Dispensary with roots staking down in Kittery and Eliot, ME. Consider us your fun, yet responsible older cousin who has a PhD in ‘Holistic Healing with a minor in Joy Spread’.

Our strains are the Picasso of cannabis: Masterpieces. We don’t just breed plants; we curate experiences, each strain a unique brushstroke on the canvas of your life. Think of us when your meatloaf is too dry, your neighbor’s dog is too loud, or when Game of Thrones spoilers flood your social media feed…again.

Yes, that’s right, Kittery and Eliot! When life gets too mundane or stressful, East Coast Cannabis is your trusted one-stop-shop to dial down the drama and turn up the fun.

Now, who said life doesn’t have a reset button? Visit us today to paint your world in vibrant shades of happy-highs and calm sighs!

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