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You wife might actually want to be a hotwife already and she just doesnt know how to bring it up with you. The truth is most people would enjoy having casual sex outside of their relationship, especially if it was a big kink for their significant other.   theres a fine line between encouraging your wife to cuckold you and pushing her towards it. If you try to push her towards your fantasies, youll only hurt the cause. Another thing you have to do on a regular basis is talk about your fantasies together.   michael and dawn orourke, how to get your wife to cuckold you a husbands guide to turn your wife into a hotwife or cuckoldress (no publisher given, 2011) points off no publisher listed. When you and your wife are lying in bed just casually talking before going to sleep tell her how one of the guys at work had his wife come into the office to get something. You can tell her that all the guys at work kept talking about how she was dressed and how hot she looked. If you want your wife to cuckold you, then the cuckold coach is the perfect way to get into the cuckolding lifestyle. Remember! No matter how deeply you believe your wife is stuck in her ways and would never consider the idea of cuckolding you, believe me, you can convince her that the cuckolding lifestyle can be extremely satisfying for both partners. Now lets get started with the big question how to get your wife to cuckold you? Before we do that let me emphasise on the need to have a good communication with your partner. To have a good relationship the key is to have an open and free communication, be it boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife or in our case cuckold and cukolderess. Let me start with this theres a chance shes just not interested. You cant force her into doing something she doesnt want and youll do genuine damage to your marriage if you attempt to do so. Real cuckolding is when either another man has your wife cheating on you without permission or your wife one day tells you she is cheating on you and you are now her cuckold bitch. In order for these terms to be really fulfilled, they can only be initiated by the bull or the female, not the husband who seeks a man to fuck his wife or persuading his wife to cheat on him.   the best way to get your wife to cuckold you is not by asking or if you have asked and were told absolutely not (like i was told for 5 years), your best first move is to just do it! Yes, just live the lifestyle which is more about serving your wife than it is. If youre thinking, well, i already try to get my wife to dress sexy in public ut she doesnt do it very often or at all, then its because you havent tapped into her naughty side yet.

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